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It seems like everyone and their grandmother has been talking about Pinterest the last couple of weeks, I set up an account a few weeks ago so that totally makes me an expert, right?!… Not quite, but I do work in social so I have found it interesting how there appears to be a slight shift taking place from text-heavy platforms such as WordPress, Facebook and Twitter to something lighter, more versatile and visual on the likes of Tumblr, Instagram and now Pinterest.

The buzz surrounding Pinterest seems to have come out of nowhere, the platform has been cited on Mashable as a ‘secret weapon’ for Fashion PR’s and it’s now, according to shareaholic, one of the most trafficked social networks, beating off the likes of Google+ and Tumblr. What makes this achievement maybe slightly more impressive is that Pinterest has accomplished all of this while remaining an ‘invitation-only’ network.

If you don’t already know what Pinterest is, it’s basically a virtual pinboard where you can organise and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. As well as many designers, photographers , foodies and bloggers using it, brands are beginning to use Pinterest as a social space to reach their audience. Brands like Sony Music, Unicef and Lindt are counted among the early adopters on Pinterest and I’m sure we will see more and more brands sign up to the platform in 2012. However Pinterest, much like Tumblr and Instagram, cannot be easily exploited. To own the space on Pinterest, it looks as though companies/celebs will be forced to tap into their creative sides to produce content that is genuinely interesting and engaging. Furthermore, they must do this by tying information to stunning, thought-provoking or funny graphics. No easy feat.

I don’t know where I find the time to be active across my existing social networks; Twitter, Facebook etc.. by throwing Instagram and Pinterest into the mix it’s all becoming quite time consuming but I and a fair few of the team seem to be pretty addicted! Currently I’m mainly using Pinterest for inspiration, bookmarking, and yes, Power Point presentations. It can seriously spice them up, trust me!

I’ve always had to look fairly hard for something inspiring online before Pinterest took off. And although my Instagram photos may never be at the same calibre as a professional photographer and my Pinterest boards might not rival those of magazines like GQ and FHM, platforms such as these allow dormant talents and yes, brands too, to be discovered in a fun and captivating way.

You can follow me on Pinterest here, or if you need an invite, comment below and I’ll ping one your way!

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